​Stoned Jesus released collection of rehearsal jams "The Seeds, vol. II"

Kyiv-based band Stoned Jesus presented on Bandcamp the collection of rehearsal jams "The Seeds, vol. II".

The first collection also was launched on Bandcamp in 2013 as pre-release of the band’s third album "Harvest". Money from the tracks’ sale were used for the LP’s recording. "The Seeds" second part will also help the group to raise money for a new record, which, according to Stoned Jesus’ leader Igor Sidorenko, will be the band’s longest album:

"I can definitely say that this record will have seven songs. Because on the first LP there were four tracks, five songs were on the second, "The Harvest" has six, so on the fourth there will be seven. It follows thence that it will be the longest album, closer to 50-55 minutes, a double vinyl."

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