Noizr Productions

Independent music label, was founded on December 13th, 2011, as a nonprofit organization. It was registered in the general organization "Ukrainian Music Alliance".

The label specializes in the publication of records in the genre: Metal (Black / Death / Thrash), Instrumental, Ambient, Dark, Experimental, Indie, Rock.

Label team

Dmythro — CEO

Anastezia G. — Management, promo

Noizr Zine

Online magazine dedicated to all genres of metal music, owned by Noizr Productions. The webzine publishes current and interesting news regarding bands, media, articles, reviews, interviews, events and festivals, as well as information about our own label's activity. The project was officially launched in March 2015.

We do not pursue the sentiment to cover "everything", on the contrary, we exist to publish the quality content that we believe is the most relevant and revelatory for our readers.

Zine team

Anastezia G. — Chief-editor. Cooperation, accreditation, reviews, interviews, and articles. Contact info: press[at]noizr[dot]com, anastezia[at]noizr[dot]com

Dan Thaumitan — English editor. Reviews, interviews and articles. Genres: Black, Death, Thrash Metal, Avant-garde. Contact info: dan[at]noizr[dot]com

Yurii Somov — Interviewer, reviewer, reporter. Genres: Stoner, Sludge, Psy, Post-Rock, Post-Metal, Folk, Prog.

Dmythro — tech, audio/video specialist
Mila Immortality — photographer, concert/festival reporter
Olya Abrisad — photographer, concert/festival reporter

Noizr Zine's team features professional journalists and editors with wide experiences across music and media.

Our photographers have dealt with all types of festival and concert photography. We're constantly honing our skills and knowledge to provide the best reading experience for our readers globally.

Our goal is simple — to cover quality music in a professional way. Focused on an international audience, we support the underground scene and provide trilingual content in English, Ukrainian, and Russian languages.


Please read mandatory rules in case if you want to use our materials somewhere, or participate.

Official resources

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