​"Eschatology Of War", debut album of Ukrainian band 1914

The Ukrainian metallers 1914, based in Lviv, presented their debut album "Eschatology Of War", dedicated to the World War I. The historic event bacame the group’s and the abum’s conceptual idea. As the musicians say, their lyrics and music are "based on WWI history, occult stuff, human's inner struggle with fears". In the Internet, the Ukrainian musician managed to be called NSBM band (National Socialist Black Metal), but 1914 denied the rediculous version of journalists. Shortly before the release, "Eschatology Of War" was unleashed via Bandcamp, and the next day the album was presented at the club Bingo, Kyiv, with the band’s live performance.

Quite hard, aggressive "Eschatology Of War" skilfully combines the genres of death/black/doom metal. The album will reveal you a whole collection of war time’s dark stories. Ten tracks, with the total length of 52 minutes, will take listeners through those horrible events, describing the pictures of massacre, panic and despair.

Among the eight songs, droping out intro and outro, "Verdun", "Zeppelin Raids" and "Battlefield" can be called the most exсiting ones because of amazing strong performance and quite impressive atmosphere.

The debut album impresses by its richness. The record is quite diverse, from song to song deep doom motives replaced by passionate rhythms of guitars and drums. Melodic passages go into rapid flows of heavy guitar riffs that will let you to imagine those scenes of deadly battles or to fill the threat of a huge zeppelin that hung over the city. A whole palette of sound effects just amplify this perception. You will hear the roar of aircraft engines, soldiers’ cries and shots, distant explosions and alarm sirens. It is vital to note strong, eerie vocals, powerful growling perfectly gives the lyrics of each track.

Eschatology Of War 1914

By Yuri Somov


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