Check 'Em All: Three videos, two albums, and one track

Check 'Em All: Three videos, two albums, and one track

The new Noizr Zine’s selection includes the title track of the upcoming album by the Italians Plateau Sigma, "winter" EP by the Kyiv-based project Endless Melancholy, full-length release by the Australian duo Mesarthim, as well as three videos from American band Earthside, the Ukrainian multi-instrumentalist Nicky Rubchenko, and Kyiv’s group Stoned Jesus.

Endless Melancholy — EP "Winter Outtakes"

"Winter Outtakes" is a collection of three songs by the fruitful Ukrainian project Endless Melancholy. According to the description, the compilation originated from the tracks, which, for one reason or another, didn’t appear on any of albums or EPs (at the moment Endless Melancholy has four full-length records, six EPs and more than 20 releases in compilations, splits, singles and demos).

Plateau Sigma — track "Rituals"

"Rituals" is a new track from the second same-named album of the Italian quartet Plateau Sigma. The band plays doom metal with elements of stoner and psychedelic rock music of 70s. It may happen that the group was inspired by legendary The Doors, 'cause their influence felt the most during the vocalist’s recitatives on the album’s title track. The musicians say that the upcoming LP is dedicated to the ancient Greek-Roman cultures, in particular, the god of winemaking, inspiration and religious ecstasy Dionysus (Bacchus):

"A recall and interpretation in doom-metal/dark-wave key of the rituality, solemnity and sensuality of the propitiatory rituals of war, death and love in the ancient Greek-Roman cultures. A liaison with a past that we still belong to, we are part of and should preserve with pride. While each song is an Ode to a divinity of the Roman Pantheon, the album as a whole is dedicated to God Bacchus. In our humble opinion doom metal is the best music genre to represent Dionysian atmospheres."

Mesarthim — album "Isolate"

"Isolate" is a great debut of the Australians Mesarthim, describe their style as "cosmic atmospheric black metal". The record release took place last summer through Bandcamp and this January, the label Avantgarde Music released a batch of album’s CDs (including bonus track "Suffocate") and vinyls.

Earthside — video "Mob Mentality"

Answering our question about the musical favorites of 2015, the producer Max Morton mentioned Earthside’s full-length work "A Dream in Static". Earlier this year, the video for one of this album’s songs, "Mob Mentality", won the prize at the North American Independent Rock Music Awards. It should be noted, that in the shooting, in addition to Earthside’s musicians, also took part the guest vocalist Lajon Witherspoon, NYC-based orchestral musicians (the audio was recorded with their Moscow colleagues), as well as ballet dancers Kyla Ernst-Alper and Wade Watson.

Nicky Rubchenko — video "The light"

The Kharkiv-based musician Nikita Rubchenko, known thanks to his performance of the Ukrainian anthem rock version, has released the second video "The light" of the Castle Session series — instrumental solo with orchestral accompaniment program. Both videos were filmed on the territory of Sharovskiy palace and park ensemble under the leadership of the director Anton Shatohin.

Stoned Jesus — video "Lazarus"

The sudden death of David Bowie at the beginning of this year shocked the music community. In a recent performance, the musicians of the Kyiv-based band Stoned Jesus honoured the musician’s memory, playing a cover version of his last album’s title track "Lazarus".

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