Metal Jacket Magazine, Croatia

"Sectorial is one of those examples of bands who takes its time. Started as a garage band back in 2000 and releasing anything until 2008 when they released their first EP named Cerebrum Necrosis Est It In Nobis and then Boiler and Controlled Insane in 2009. Their first album Erase and Reborn the Humanity came in 2012. All these releases are an mixture of grindcore and thrash metal with some catchy hooks here and there. But in the end of the day, nothing that common our ears have not heard before.

The new work We Are the Titan’s Rising Ashes released in August 15 last year changes things quite a bit. The first glance on the cover you can tell that this is another band considering the artwork of their previous releases. Thrash and grindcore sound are gone with the band fully emerged into more Polish death metal sound with strong folk elements. Although the cover, lyrics and folk instruments have a strong presence here, this is mainly a death metal record. A curious death metal record I might add."

"Although the album suffers a bit of being a mixed bag and uneven, Sectorial from Ukraine had gave us an interesting and fun listen. It is their best and most mature album yet."