"We are here for you and because of you": Report from Eluveitie’s gig in Kyiv

"We are here for you and because of you": Report from Eluveitie’s gig in Kyiv

On Wednesday, April 20, the Swiss band Eluveitie pleased their Ukrainian listeners with the new performance in Kyiv. The concert, with two supporting groups, lasted about three and a half hours and gathered a full house of Eluveitie’s fans.

The evening was opened by two Italian bands: Poemisia, which has already supported Eluveitie last year, and Heretic's Dream. Poemisia is a symphonic/gothic metal band from Naples with operatic female vocals. During the set, the vocalist Tina Gagliotta, wearing stylized XVIII century dress, used a lot of Gothic style props. From time to time, she took the skull, the bowl, the tattered doll, the veil and walked across the stage showing the audience each of the items. Having played a few songs for the half-empty hall, at the end of its performance, the band slightly rocked the people.

The second supporting band was the Roman prog metal group Heretic's Dream, who also had a frontwoman on vocals. Despite the fact that during their performance, there were no bass or guitar sound a couple of times, the band played the set enough confidently, even making to mosh the crowd in the center of the hall.

A short break, an equipment check and a full house of the fans, some of which were desperated to win every available centimeter closer to the stage. While Eluveitie were coming on stage, the audience greeted them with thunderous applause and shouts of joy. For that evening, the band returned to Kyiv with a two-hour program, including an acoustic set of the songs from the band’s different albums.

The performance began with the song "King" from the last studio release "Origins" and, during the show, there were played three more songs from this LP. The rest of the 23-track setlist consisted of the previously released five records’ songs. The greatest attention got "Helvetios" album tracks, the band played seven of them.

The musicians also presented a new song "Grannus" from the upcoming release "Evocation II", with the words: "Finally, we do not need to answer "we do not know" to the question when we will release the second part of "Evocation I". This fast and catchy new composition came to the public's taste and it was accompanied by the rhythmic clapping of the hall and jumping fan zone's crowd. "Grannus" was played as a part of the acoustic concert program, during which the band performed six compositions.

At the end of the concert, the band’s leader Chrigel Glanzmann started to force rocked audience to do a moshpit. "That’s crazy Kyiv, which we actually remembered", the smiling frontman commented on the crowd. "It's time for circle pit", "Now let’s do the wall of death!", the musician stirred up the visitors and didn’t forget to thank the loyal fans: "Thank you! Because of you, we can do what we love. We are here for you and because of you."

The audience expressed in every way the delight about the band’s performance and actively, especially the fan zone, reacted to the played tracks. One of my pals, impressed by the evening, asked me before Eluveitie’s encore, "So, their fan club’s members came to the concert, didn’t they?". Well, probably, they did.

P. S. Before the show, Noizr Zine talked with the Eluveitie’s leader Chrigel Glanzmann. The interview with the musician is to come up soon, so stay tuned.


  1. King
  2. Nil
  3. Thousandfold
  4. AnDro
  5. Slanias Song
  6. The Call of the Mountains
  7. From Darkness
  8. Carry the Torch
  9. Kingdom Come Undone
  10. Tegernakô
  11. Scorched Earth
  12. Brictom
  13. The Cauldron of Renascence
  14. Grannus
  15. A Rose for Epona (Acoustic Version)
  16. Omnos
  17. Spirit
  18. Luxtos
  19. Neverland
  20. Havoc
  21. The Siege
  22. Siraxta


  1. Inis Mona

By Anastezia
Noizr Zine thanks Katerina Skuridina for the accreditation


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