"W.A.T.R.A." — Sectorial, 2015


Live album presentation took place at Noizr Fest  October 17, Kyiv, MonteRay Live Stage.

We Are The Titan's Rising Ashes

The second full-length album of the Ukrainian metal band Sectorial.

It consists of 10 tracks, filled with the power of blast beats and guitar riffs' aggression, softened by melody of folk instruments. The album's heavy metal sound is supplemented with Ukrainian flavor, achieved by using drymba and flute, and Ukrainian-language lyrics.

Listening to the album you can hear the sound of the many folk instruments, apart from the afore-mentioned drymba and flute, musicians also used an overtone flute, bukkehorn, Bulgarian kaval, tin whistle, rainstick, shakers and tambourine.

"We Are The Titans Rising Ashes" was recorded at Kyiv's Morton Studio from July to September, 2014. Mastered and mixed by Max Morton. Cover artwork by Yuri Nagorniy.

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Ivan 'Burz' Kozakevych — vocals, folk instruments
Igor 'Reich' Kovalenko — drums, percussion
Dmytro 'Trit' Vashchenko — guitars, backing vocals
Boris 'Karis' Krivous — bass, backing vocals