— 4/5

"Ukraine’s Sectorial are a very interesting case. A real musical melting pot of Grindcore, Blackened Death Metal, and a judicious use of ethnic instruments; they beguile, confuse and delight in equal measure. It must be noted that is not a new album, but a reissue of the band’s 2015 sophomore effort. It is well worth revisiting.

The album opens with the burly “Enough Skills?”, an aggressive tune with a melodic sheen; its hardcore structure augmented by the use of a “Jew’s Harp”. An interesting choice to be sure. The odd jangle (and equally odd title) of “Tree Eater” is up next up, with its eastern stylings and memorable riffs. Complementing this is “…Will There Be…”, its frantic nomadic noodling whizzing by in a flash. Similarly barbaric is the vital and invigorating “Young Shoots”, and the frenetic “Abysmal” – the musical equivalent of a shark’s feeding frenzy."

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