"Edge" — Exult, 2014


Exult is a combination of metal, avant-garde, experimental metal & more.

Music for the album "Edge" was created, recorded and mixed by guitarist Dmitry Lyashkov (EX: Beheaded Zombie, Letargy Dream, Nabaath) and drummer Vladimir Lyashkov (Grace Disgraced, EX: Beheaded Zombie, Decay of Reality, Nabaath, Letargy Dream).

The album also features vocals & lyrics by Jaroslav Celujko, session bass by Warkhoros.

All tracks were arranged by Exult, mastered by Warkhoros in Tyrant Studio. Artwork & design by Kate Titenko.

Exult "Edge":

Yaroslav "Jaro" Tseluyko — vocals
Dmitriy "Crawler" Lyashkov — guitars
Vladimir "Vile" Lyashkov — drums

Guest musician:

Warkhoros — bass




Avant-garde, Progressive metal, Experimental Metal


  1. I Neglect
  2. Never Been Foreseen
  3. Trice
  4. Eye's Warped
  5. Sixteen Hairless Tails
  6. Because of Things You Say
  7. For Stance
  8. Sign for Rejoice
  9. Forthright

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