Madball: new studio album "Hardcore Lives"

American hardcore band Madball released the eighth studio album "Hardcore Lives".

The album was recorded at studios System Recordings, Grafton, Massachusetts, and Pinecrust Studios, Miami, Florida in March 2014. Production "Hardcore Lives" was mady by Ken Susi (recording, tracking, engineering), Jonathan Nuñez (recording) and Chris "Zeuss" Harris (mixing, mastering).

Date: June 27, 2014
Genre: Hardcore punk, crossover thrash, metalcore
Country: United States
Label: The Black N Blue, Nuclear Blast


  1. Intro
  2. Hardcore Lives
  3. The Balance
  4. Doc Marten Stomp
  5. DNA
  6. True School (совместно с Scott Vogel)
  7. The Here and Now
  8. Nothing to Me
  9. My Armor (совместно с Toby Morse, Chad Gilbert, and CM Punk)
  10. Beacon of Light
  11. Born Strong (совместно с Candace Puopolo)
  12. Spirit
  13. Mi Palabra
  14. NBNC
  15. For the Judged

Bonus tracks:

  1. The Beast
  2. Spit on Your Grave 2014


Freddy Cricien – vocals
Mitts – guitars
Hoya Roc – bass
Mike Justian – drums


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