Ivar Bjørnson and Einar Selvik unveil title track of their new album

The musicians Ivar Bjørnson (Enslaved) and Einar 'Kvitrafn' Selvik (Wardruna) unveiled a title song "Hugsjá" of their upcoming album.

It’s reported that "Hugsjá" was "first commissioned by, and performed at, Bergen International Festival in 2017, as part a series of concerts named Nordvegen ("the northern road"); inspired by local history and traditions in each of the places visited. Ultimately the material was recorded and became this full-length album".

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In addition to Einar Selvik (lead vocals, kravik-lyre, taglharpa, goat-horn, bronze-lure, flute, percussion) and Ivar Bjørnson (guitars, electronics), "Hugsjá" recording process also featured Silje Solberg (hardanger-fiddle, backing vocals), Iver Sandøy (drums, percussion, backing vocals), and Håkon Vinje (backing vocals).

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The songs "Ni Mødre av Sol" and "Um Heilage Fjell" feature a mixed choir under management of Stine Kobbeltvedt with the voices of Anna Lisa Lekven, Laila Moberg, Marianne Evensen Østrem, Lisa Nøttseter, Lise Renee Aase, Kristine Bjånesøy Tikkanen, Linda Nytræ, Leif Østrem, Brede Lærum, Jan Helge Kordts, Jan-Ove Hansen, Richard Myhre Gåssand and Stine Kobbeltvedt.

The album will come out on April 20.

Bjørnson and Selvik’s debut record "Skuggsjá" was released in 2016 via Season of Mist. You can check out its full album stream here.

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