In Flames present new track "The End"

The Swedish melodic death metallers In Flames reported the release date of their twelfth album "Battles" on November 11, 2016. Along with the announcement, the band shared a new track "The End", which guitarist Björn Gelotte described Decibel Magazine as "a fairly straightforward In Flames song".

The musician added: "Having said that, it’s a really positive vibe [to] the song. It’s not a slash-your-wrists kind of vibe; it makes you realize to just make sure you appreciate that moment."

"Battles" was recorded in Los Angeles under the direction of Grammy-nominated producer Howard Benson (Motörhead, Count Body, Sepultura). Work on the upcoming LP is reported to mark "a drastically different recording experience from Berlin-based sessions of their previous LP, 2014’s "Siren Charms".

"Siren Charms had a very dark vibe to it," Gelotte explained. "We recorded it at a cold, damp and dark time during the year in Berlin so it gave it a certain melancholy to the record. Now recording in L.A. with the sunshine it’s a different energy. The writing process was different this time, too—that I would like for us to continue to explore. Also, working with Howard and his team was great. I got stressed taking a break for even five minutes because they were always ready to go for the next take and kept my energy up."

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