​Icelandic festival Ascension shares new trailer for upcoming event

Icelandic black metal festival Ascension presented the second trailer for the upcoming Ascension MMXX event, which will be held from May 21 to May 23, 2020 with shows performed by Auðn, Mgła, Sinmara, Ved Buens Ende and other bands.

Ascension MMXX will be held at the Hlégarður in Mosfellbær, Iceland. Among the announced bands are:

Almyrkvi (IS)
Andavald (IS)
Auðn (IS)
Grave Pleasures (FI)
Hexvessel (FI)
Kaleikr (IS)
Kælan Mikla (IS)
Malokarpatan (SK)
Mannveira (IS)
Mgła (PL)
Nexion (IS)
Sinmara (is)
Slidhr (IS / IRL)
Trepaneringsritualen (SE)
Ved Buens Ende (NO)

Tickets for the festival are already available for purchase: 5000 — 18900 ISK (around $40-154)

You can buy tickets for Ascension Festival at this location. Event on Facebook.

The previous Ascension festival was held on June 13-15, 2019, with Antaeus, Gost, King Dude, Bölzer, Misþyrming, Sinmara, Solstafir, Zhrine and others as performing bands. In addition to performances by musical acts, the festival also hosted exhibitions by French artist and designer Dehn Sora (Amenra, Blut aus Nord, In the Woods..., Merrimack, Sektarism) and German photographer Void Revelations (Misþyrming, Whoredom Rife, King Dude, Chelsea Wolfe).

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