Belphegor: new album "Conjuring The Dead"

Belphegor released tenth studio album "Conjuring The Dead", which was recorded by Erik Rutan (Tracking, Mixing, Producing) in the Mana Studio, USA. Cover art was made by Septicflesh's bassist Septicflesh, Spiros "Seth" Antoniou.

"Conjuring The Dead" is available on multiple media: standard CD, Digipak (CD and DVD +70 minutes), vinyl, and on the limited mailorder edition, which includes CD, booklet, DVD and exclusive Belphegor guitar pick

Date: August 5, 2014

Genre: Black Metal, Death Metal

Country: Austria

Label: Nuclear Blast


  1. Gasmask Terror
  2. Conjuring The Dead
  3. In Death
  4. Rex Tremendae Majestatis
  5. Black Winged Torment
  6. The Eyes
  7. Legions Of Destruction
  8. Flesh, Bones And Blood
  9. Lucifer, Take Her!
  10. Pactum In Aeternum


  • Helmuth Lehner — vocals, guitars, lyrics
  • Serpenth — bass guitar, vocals

Additional musicians:

  • Ms. Alexandra "Dollface" Van Weitus — vocals
  • Glen Benton — vocals on "Legions of Destruction"
  • Attila Csihar — vocals "Legions of Destruction"
  • Martin "Marthyn" Jovanović — drums
  • Sebastian Lanser — sampler, effects
  • Norwin Palme — sampler, effects


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