Alestorm: new album "Sunset on the Golden Age"

Scottish metall band Alestorm released fourth full-length album "Sunset on the Golden Age". It is the first studio album recorded with keyboardist Elliot Vernon, who joined the band in 2011.

Album was produced by Lasse Lammert. "Sunset on the Golden Age" is available on CD and limited edition Deluxe box set, which includes Mediabook CD, bonus CD, Digipak bonus DVD, hip flask, bottle opener and beermat.

Date: August 4, (UK, Europe), August 5, 2014 (USA, Canada)

Genre: Power metal, Heavy metal, Folk Metal

Country: Scotland

Label: Napalm Records


  1. Walk The Plank
  2. Drink
  3. Magnetic North
  4. 1741 (The Battle Of Cartagena)
  5. Mead From Hell
  6. Surf Squid Warfare
  7. Quest For Ships
  8. Wooden Leg!
  9. Hangover (Taio Cruz Cover)
  10. Sunset On The Golden Age

LTD Mediabook Bonus CD "Rumplugged":

  1. Over the Seas (Acoustic Version)
  2. Nancy the Tavern Wench (Acoustic Version)
  3. Keelhauled (Acoustic Version)
  4. The Sunk'n Norwegian (Acoustic Version)
  5. Shipwrecked (Acoustic Version)
  6. Questing Upon the Poop Deck (Bonus Track)


  • Christopher Bowes — vocals, keytar
  • Peter Alcorn — drums
  • Gareth Murdock — bass
  • Dani Evans — guitars
  • Elliot Vernon — keyboards, additional vocals
  • Hildegard Niebuhr — Violin
  • Tobias Hain — Trumpet
  • Jonas Dieckmann — Trumpet


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