Anathema: new release "Distant Satellites" [Full album]

The British rock band Anathema released the anniversary tenth album "Distant Satellites".

Album was recorded in Cederberg Studios in Oslo. Produced by Christer André Cederberg, some songs also were mixed by Steven Wilson.

The artwork for "Distant Satellites" was created by Korean artist Sang Jun Yoo and based around his project — Distant Light Installation.

The band is going on tour in Europe and Australia for the album support. Anathema will visit more than 20 countries (UK, Germany, Spain, Poland, Netherlands, Greece, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, Austria, Finland, Slovakia, Denmark, Norway, Hungary, Sweden and Australia).

Date: June 4 ( Japan) , June 6 (Germany) , June 9 (UK) , June 10 (France , USA and Canada) .

Genre: Progressive Metal, Atmospheric Rock

Country: United Kingdom

Label: Kscope

Track listing "Distant Satellites":

  1. The Lost Song Part 1
  2. The Lost Song Part 2
  3. Dusk (Dark Is Descending)
  4. Ariel
  5. The Lost Song Part 3
  6. Anathema
  7. You're Not Alone
  8. Firelight
  9. Distant Satellites
  10. Take Shelter


Vincent Cavanagh — lead vocals, electric guitars, acoustic guitars, bass guitars, keyboards, programming, backing vocals
Daniel Cavanagh — co-lead vocals, electric guitars, acoustic guitars, bass guitars, keyboards, piano
Jamie Cavanagh — bass guitars
John Douglas — e-drums, percussion, keyboards, programming
Lee Douglas — lead vocals, co-lead vocals, backing vocals
Christer-André Cederberg — bass guitar, producer, mixing
Daniel Cardoso — drums


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