Ukrainians Majesty Of Revival present music video "Failure"

Uzhgorod-based band Majesty Of Revival released the third full-length record "Dualism". Above, you can check out the music video "Failure", filmed for the band’s new album song.

"Dualism" was released on June 25 via More Hate Productions / AWAL LTD UK supporting by Massive Sound Recordings. The LP includes, as a bonus track, an acoustic version of the song "Wolfheart", which was recorded together with a string quartet led by multi-instrumentalist David 'Dagda' Sanchez from the Spanish folk metal band Celtibeerian.

Listen to the band’s full album stream via Bandcamp.


  1. Deadlock
  2. Awaken
  3. Alive
  4. Inner Dimension
  5. Darkest
  6. Failure
  7. Days
  8. Wolfheart
  9. Tongue
  10. Perfection
  11. When the Night Embrace
  12. Serenity
  13. Dualism
  14. Same Blood

"Dualism" cover

Majesty Of Revival Dualism


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