Premiere: Ethereal Riffian’s new video "Drum of the Deathless"

Kyiv-based stoner band Ethereal Riffian presented the music video for the song "Drum of the Deathless". The video was filmed by iconic Ukrainian director Victor Priduvalov and Re:Evolution Film at the Mental Drive Studio.

Ethereal Riffian comment:

"Currently this work is a very bright flash in the band's history and maximally reveals the ideas of "I AM. Deathless" EP, released on CD in a unique collector's format, as well as on tapes together with the Kyiv’s label Robustfellow Prods.

The mystical song "Drum of the Deathless" tells about the immortal nature of a man and sends the listener to the philosophy of Buddhism and Advaita. Ethereal Riffian’s joint work with Victor Priduvalov on "Drum of the Deathless" is undoubtedly a new experience for the band, which opens the door to the next round of development.

For the viewer, it’s the ability to understand the World, expand the mind and move into another dimension."

In Ethereal Riffian’s nearest plans is the performance at the Robust Gig together with the French band Mars Red Sky, the Ukrainian groups BOMG, Bluesbreaker, and SOOM in honor of the 5th anniversary of the Robustfellow team. It is reported that there will be an exclusive viewing of "Drum of the Deathless" video's extended version during the upcoming event.

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