Live videos from God Is An Astronaut gig in Kyiv

On February 19, there was a sold out gig of the Irish post-rockers God Is An Astronaut in Kyiv. During the evening, the musicians performed 16 songs, some of which can be watched on the video shot by kirai gigs team. Despite the success of the event, the concert could not have taken place, but the situation was saved by performance of Scorpions in the same time. Why so, read in our report from the show.

God Is An Astronaut's setlist:

  1. When Everything Dies
  2. Echoes
  3. Vetus Memoria
  4. Point Pleasant
  5. Worlds In Collision
  6. The Last March
  7. Helios | Erebus
  8. From Dust to the Beyond
  9. Pig Powder
  10. Centralia
  11. Forever Lost
  12. Agneya


  1. Red Moon Lagoon
  2. Suicide by Star
  3. Route 666

The second encore:

  1. Zodiac


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