​H.Soror stream new album "Live in Kyiv"

The Ukrainian experimental band H.Soror presented the album "Live in Kyiv", recorded during performance at the Mezzanine club on June 6, 2015. The release came out on February 4 via Bandcamp.

"Live in Kyiv" includes live versions of the tracks from 2014’s album "Tyburn" and a new one "My Anchor".


  1. Tyburn Tree (Live @Mezzanine)
  2. Molotova (Live @Mezzanine)
  3. Green Jam (Live @Mezzanine)
  4. My Anchor (Live @Mezzanine)
  5. Kangaroo Seeds (Live @Mezzanine)

Artwork created by Julia Jay

H.Soror Live in Kyiv

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