​Check 'Em All: Four LPs, emotional video, and debut album track

Check 'Em All: Four LPs, emotional video, and debut album track

In the new brief Check 'Em All selection we talk about some fresh metal releases discussing the projects Echoes Of The Moon (USA), Selvans (Italy), SOL (Denmark) and the new crazy hard rock album of The Neptun Power Federation. Also, considering InAeona’s video for the song "Soldier" and the new track "The Bells Of Destiny" from the debut album by the Russian metallers Efpix.

Echoes Of The Moon — "Entropy"

"Entropy" is the second studio album of the project Echoes Of The Moon, formed by multi-instrumentalist, author and producer from Louisiana — Brock Tatich. Just with the mark of experimental metal, deeply atmospheric record has collected a number of styles, including doom/black/post-metal motives. According to Brock, psychedelic music also has considerable influence on his works. All as one, the eight tracks of "Entorpy" reveal philosophical topics, carrying the listener through darkness to light and peace. Quite long time, "Entorpy" was available only in digital format. Today, the Italian label Avantgarde Music prepares the CD release, which is expected on March 15.

The Neptune Power Federation — "Lucifer's Universe"

"Ten megatons of neanderthal rock fuelled by satan and space hallucinogens", describing themselves, The Neptune Power Federation’s musicians just hit the bull's eye! Their second furious LP "Lucifer's Universe" will give to all fans of retro sound ten truly possessed songs in hard'n'heavy style. Bold riffs and solos, variety of guitar fuzz effects and really endless amount of energy. The album was released as the soundtrack to the graphic novel about witch hunting in the 17th century England.

Selvans — "Lupercalia"

Following the debut EP "Clangores Plenilunio", the Italian wolves "Selvans" recorded their full-length album "Lupercia". The CD was released via Avantgarde Music last October. Dark symphonic/black metal is brightened up with many elements of traditional folk. Leading keyboards, plenty of wind instruments make the record truly exotic, emphasizing its overall gloomy aggressiveness.

The full album stream is available on Bandcamp.

SOL — "The Storm Bells Chime"

The discography of the Danish project SOL is enriched with the another very dark, deep and emotional release "The Storm Bells Chime". This time, the musician Emil Brahe skilfully combines the genres of black/funeral/doom metal, deepening into monotonous, gloomy guitar motives and anxious sound effects. Desperate sludge vocal tells about childhood and loss and how these things interact when people get older. The album was released on December 6 of 2015 via Avatgarde Music.

InAeona — "Soldier"

The American metallers InAeona, who play in genres of post/industrial/nu metal, unveiled the video for their song "Soldier", which appeared on the band's debut album "Force Rise The Sun". According to the frontman Bridge Laviazar, while filming such an emotional performance, the musicians sincerely tried to share the message that "Solider" holds in their hearts.

Efpix — "The Bells Of Destiny"

In anticipation of the debut album "Evil Sides" release, the Russian metallers share the new track "The Bells Of Destiny". The musicians experiment with the genres of melodic death/industrial metal, getting inspiration from the Swedish masters. Crushing riffs and the overall fury, close to madness, suggest an idea about very saturated album. The Efpix’s lyrics reveal mostly space themes, telling about the universe, parallel dimensions, death and justice.

By Yuri Somov

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