Check 'Em All: December’s black metal releases

Check 'Em All: December’s black metal releases

The final selection of black metal records, released in December. For the new Check 'Em All material, we chose full-length albums, EPs, split, and demo from bands and solo projects from Austria, Germany, Italy, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Serbia, Sweden, Indonesia, France, Australia, USA, Argentina and Iran.

Außerwelt — "Transitions"

The second EP of the German band Außerwelt. The mixing and mastering of this melodic post-black-metal release was handled by Dennis Köhne, a sound engineer who has previously worked with Lacuna Coil, Melechesh, and Moonspell.

Azziard — "Metempsychose"

The third album of the French black/death metal act Azziard. According to the description, this release is "the first act of a new cycle around the mysticism of the human psyche and the decadence of our civilization". The LP was recorded with the guest vocalists Julien Truchan (Benighted) and Psycho (Antilife, Hats Barn).

Deinonychus — "Ode to Acts of Murder, Dystopia and Suicide"

"Ode to Acts of Murder, Dystopia and Suicide" is a new album from the Netherlands duo Deinonychus, whose name from the Greek translates as "terrible claw", and is a dinosaur related to Velociraptor. Musicians play depressive black with doom elements and since its foundation in 1992 have released 8 full-length records. For mixing and mastering of "Ode to Acts of Murder, Dystopia and Suicide" was responsible Deinonychus’ guitarist/vocalist Marco Kehren and Marcus Stok (Empyrium, Sun of the Sleepless, The Vision Bleak), who has previously worked with the band.

Eldamar — "A Dark Forgotten Past"

"A Dark Forgotten Past" is the second full-length album from the young Norwegian instrumentalist Mathias Hemmingby. In early January, the musician also released a split with a new age band Dreams of Nature.

Evilfeast — "Elegies of the Stellar Wind"

"Elegies of the Stellar Wind" is the fifth album from the Polish solo project Evilfeast, playing atmospheric black metal. The mastering of the release was handled by the British musician and producer Greg Chandler (Esoteric, Lychgate), who has also worked on Nokturnal Mortum’s album "Verity".

Garhelenth — "About Pessimistic Elements & Rebirth of Tragedy"

The second album from the Iranian duo Garhelenth, which was significantly influenced by "True Norwegian Black Metal". According to the description, the band member Hilnorgoth is against the mixing of black metal with other styles, such as symphonic or melodic metal, and positions itself as a true black metal band as opposed to other Iranian BM acts.

Mist of Misery — "Fields of Isolation Mist of Misery"

"Fields of Isolation Mist of Misery" is the second release of the EP series created by the Swedish melodic black metallers Mist of Misery between 2016 and mid-2017 as a way to bridge the gap between the album "Absence" and the upcoming 2018’s LP. "Fields of Isolation Mist of Misery", as its predecessor "Shackles of Life by Mist of Misery", is full of beautiful piano parts, which help to create a unique melodics on both releases.

Noctem Aeternus — "Winter Spells"

"Winter Spells" is the debut album of the Argentine solo project Noctem Aeternus, who has released a melodic record with atmospheric harmonies.

Nocturne — "The Burning Silence Nocturne"

"The Burning Silence Nocturne" is an excellent atmospheric album from the Austrian duo Nocturne, the main feature of which is a clean vocal. The record was produced, recorded, and mixed by the musicians’ compatriot Stefan Traunmüller, and mastered by the above mentioned Dan Swanö. Below, you can check out "The Burning Silence Nocturne" teaser. The full album stream is available on Apple Music and Spotify.

Nortt — "Endeligt"

"Endeligt" is a new full-length release from the Danish solo project Nortt, which defines the style of their music as "Pure Depressive Black Funeral Doom Metal". The album's release interrupted the 10-year silence of the project.

Nova — "Soli contro il mondo"

"Soli contro il mondo" is the second full-length record from the Italian metal act Nova, which songs’ lyrics are raised such themes as heathens, war and the history of its native country.

Onirism / Pure Wrath — "Endless Journey"

"Endless Journey" is a split of two one-man bands — Indonesian act Pure Wrath and French project Onirism. Their collaboration resulted in an interesting 4-track album with great atmosphere, the only drawback of which can be called a noticeable difference in the quality of recorded and mixed tracks from the projects.

Remete — "Forgotten Aura"

This is an atmospheric instrumental demo from the Australian solo project Remete, founded in 2017 by a musician D. (Woods of Desolation, Forest Mysticism). The release, which came out on cassettes in a limited edition, is described as "melancholic black metal".

Synodic — "Prodigious"

The duo Synodic describes its work as "cosmic black metal portraying the heavy dark elements of the universe through music". "Prodigious" is a bit raw but atmospheric release, which, according to the information in the description, was the last one for the band.

The Stone — "Teatar Apsurda"

"Teatar Apsurda" is a new album from trio The Stone, which performs melodic and atmospheric black metal in Serbian language. The mixing and mastering of the release was handled by Honza Kapák, the drummer of the cult Czech band Master's Hammer.

Uten Håp — "Silence Uten Håp"

While listening to "Silence Uten Håp", you can imagine the majestic pictures of nature in a severe frosty season. Perhaps, such associations arise because of the location where this release was created — in the vast polar archipelago of Spitsbergen, the northernmost part of Norway.


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