Metal Trenches, USA

"Sectorial is yet another in the stream of untapped metal talent from the Ukraine. Playing a union of chaotic, thrashy death metal with traditional folk instrumentation, they definitely do things a bit differently then some others I have heard in the style. I do hear some hints of their countrymen, Nokturnal Mortum, but overall they keep their sound pretty distinct. The band has been around for a few years, but with this latest outing, perhaps they can get their name more out there."

"All in all though, I am happy with Sectorial and what they have done here. I enjoy the album enough to want to see what they do next. Who knows what a little more writing and studio time could lead to. The band members all know how to play their instruments quite well, and the resulting sound is dark and imposing for sure. Just don't lose that drummer. He's definitely a keeper. Hopefully he won't be offended when you take his volume down a notch or two."