​Tastemaker: 4 favorite metal albums of Nervosa’s Fernanda Lira

In October 2016, Kyiv hosted the first Ukrainian concert of the Brazilian all-female thrash metal act Nervosa. Before the performance, we’ve interviewed the band’s singer and bassist Fernanda Lira.

Ahead of the release of Nervosa's new LP "Downfall Of Mankind", which comes out on June 1, 2018, via Napalm Records, we present our new Tastemaker episode with Fernanda, picking her 4 favorite metal albums, about which she had told us several years ago. Below is the transcript of her comments.

"Love Gun" by Kiss (1977)

"That was the first record I’ve ever got as a gift from my uncle. I was like 7 years old and I was addicted to Kiss because I was listening to "Unplugged" all the time because my dad had recorded "Unplugged" on a tape for me. I was listening to it all the time and my uncle, who was addicted to Kiss, he was like, "Oh, you like Kiss? We gonna give you something", and he gave me "Love Gun" which was my first metal album ever."

"Powerslave" by Iron Maiden (1984)

"Iron Maiden is my favourite band and "Powerslave" is my favourite album. And Steve Harris is my favourite bassist, he is a reason why I’m playing the bass, so I think there got to be some Iron Maiden."

"Game Over" by Nuclear Assault (1986)

"It was the album that made me wanna have a thrash metal band. When I was listening to them, I was like, "Ok, I need to play thrash metal. I have to do this!". That the album that changed my mind."

"Individual Thought Patterns" by Death (1993)

"It was the first time I’ve ever listened to extreme metal so technical like that and Chuck [Death’s founder and frontman Chuck Schuldiner — Noizr] is also a huge influence for me."

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