​Interview with Janne Wirman (Children Of Bodom) about touring, new album, and recording in a warehouse

We are glad to present our first ever video interview with Janne Wirman, keyboard player of the Finnish melodic death metal act Children Of Bodom, one of Finland's most famous and commercially successful music bands. During the conversation, the musician told us about the tour life, the new album, the recording process in a warehouse, TV show "Stranger Things", etc.

Topics raised in the interview:

– Is touring a part of a musician’s life which he has to accept?
– Recording process in a warehouse
– Why "Relentless Reckless Forever" is the only album made with the American producers
– Best Children of Bodom’s album
– New Children of Bodom’s album
– Is Finland a perfect country for metal musician?
– How streaming services and major labels kill music industry
– What Janne Wirman thinks about "Game of Thrones", "Vikings", and "Stranger Things"
– Janne Wirman picks his 3 favorite metal albums

Interviewed by Yuri Somov and Anastezia.
Edited by Dmytro.
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