Elderblood: "We have changed, become more angry, our music has become more aggressive"

Elderblood at the Hell Fast Attack 2015 — Elderblood: "We have changed, become more angry, our music has become more aggressive"
Elderblood at the Hell Fast Attack 2015

After Elderblood has unleashed the preview of their second album "Messiah", Noizr Zine talked with the group's leader Astargh about the upcoming release, the performance at the Moravian Hell Fast Attack festival and future plans of the band.

"Messiah" is quite a concept album. What inspired the group to compose music and when it will come out?

Astargh: We don't have the release date yet, because of searching the label. We have received several offers, but it's not what we're looking for. We don't want just issued discs by label, but the group's promotion. Unfortunately, now it's very rare. The new album is the next step for the band. Major step or small, time will show. We have changed, become more angry, our music has become more aggressive.

In a nutshell, the concept of "Messiah" is Adept's Way. It is a journey through the abyss, through the serpentine burrows, through Klippoth. Instead of returning to the carefree childhood, which is preached by "light" religions, a Wanderer continues to seek knowledge for revealing the wisdom of the unknown. Last eleventh step brings to the deepest secret, beyond the edge of the Universe. The song "Adamas Ater" is about this step.

Astargh: In this context, the Messiah is not the savior, but the destroyer of the old world, in which the Wanderer reaches the towards of his own godship. He has many faces, he is the Sun of Thagirion, the Beast666, the Antichrist, but at the same time he is also a part of the Wanderer's irrationality.

Tell us about the album recording and the artist, who created its cover artwork.

Astargh: The album recording, mixing and mastering took place at the Dark Essence Recording Studio. In the beginning, the demos with a drum machine and almost completely ready orchestrations were prepared. Odalv, Helg (Khors, Ulvegr) and I produced the album. After the material was ready, we proceeded to the next stage.

Astargh: Within ten days Odalv has recorded drums and he has done the great work. Then I recorded all guitars, bass, vocals and keyboards parts and also mixed the album. After that it was mastered by RST7. The guest musicians also worked on this release. Jaroslav Mysik recorded a piano part for "Thagirion's Sun", and Polina Volovik did a chorus for "In Burn Hands of God".

The basis for the cover artwork was a picture "Messiah" by Merknet's vocalist S. Mortem. The album was named after it. I've been interested in his works for quite a long time. He uses ashes and his blood as a working material. But the main thing in his paintings is the abyss, which gazes into the beholder. Evil in his pictures has nothing to do with the generally accepted understanding of human evil. It is harsh and detached in its destructive power.

S. Mortem

The video for the song "Invocation of Baphomet" was reported to be shot. Who will film it and when its release will take place?

Astargh: The music video will be shot by the same team, which worked on our debut clip "My Death". This is Anna Anima, known for her work with Semargl and Munruthel. It's difficult to say something about its release. But I think in the nearest future we will begin to shoot.

How did your performance at the Hell Fast Attack festival go? Will be there more shows in support of the album?

Astargh: Everything went perfectly. There was a great crowd and also great organization. At the festival we played the updated setlist, which included three songs from the new album. In support of "Messiah" we're going on tour in the nearby countries, but exact information is unknown yet.

Interviewed by Anastezia


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