"True Primitive" — Rutarp, 2013

True Primitive

"True Primitive" is the debut album of Rutarp, a side project band of Semargl's frontman.

All the songs for this album were created and recorded by the only member Rutarp and this release is a logical continuation of extreme creativity of Semargl before the era of "Satanic Pop Metal". Mastering by Tyrant Studio.

In July 2013, there was a premiere of the video clip for Rutarp's song "Disposition".




Black Metal, Industrial


  1. Disposition
  2. Modus Chaos
  3. Poison
  4. Satan My Master
  5. Remember (Preludium I)
  6. God and Hate (Preludium II)
  7. Possessed
  8. Hallelujah!!! Antichrist
  9. Manifesto

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