​Project Batushka shares "Panihida" full album stream

Polish multi-instrumentalist Krzysztof 'Христофоръ' Drabikowski unveiled a full stream of the second album "Panihida" ["Dirge" in Russian — Noizr] of his solo project Batushka. The record came out on May 26, 2019.

According to the description, Drabikowski handled album’s writing, recording, producing, and mastering at the Sphieratz Studio in Sobolewo, Poland. Commenting on his work on "Panihida", the musician said the following:

"On the new album "Panihida" I played the parts of all instruments myself and did some vocals. I also invited my closest trusted friends to take part in it as vocalists, so the vocals belong to several different people, though my voice appears there as well. At first, I planned to hire a drummer, but I also did the drums myself."

Earlier, Drabikowski, Batushka’s founder and mastermind, shared a court decision, according to which ex-vocalist and investor of the project Bartłomiej 'Варфоломей' Krysiuk is forbidden "to release album under the name of Batushka or Батюшка" and "to give concerts under the name of Batushka or Батюшка". Nevertheless, this May, Krysiuk unveiled the music video "Chapter I: The Emptiness — Polunosznica", presenting it as a band’s new release despite the court decision.

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Batushka’s debut album "Litourgiya", which was recorded with Drabikowski and Krysiuk, came out in 2015.


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