​News in brief: Emigrate, Muse, Lacuna Coil, etc.

In this new compilation, we selected fresh video clips, including "You Are So Beautiful", the new video from Emigrate, the side project of Rammstein’s guitarist Richard Z. Kruspe and his song "I'm Not Afraid", recorded with Ghost’s frontman Cardinal Copia, Muse’s music video "Algorithm", which features well-known famous American actor Terry Crews ("Everybody Hates Chris", "Idiocracy", "The Expendables"), who previously starred in the band’s clip "Pressure" (both videos can be viewed below), as well as the new live video "Nothing Stands In Our Way" of Lacuna Coil, and Los Angeles alternative metal project Oddko’s music clip "Disobey" with a great video production.

Main pic — Emigrate's "You Are So Beautiful"


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