Lacrimosa: "Hoffnung" album title track

The German gothic metal band Lacrimosa released its new album "Hoffnung", dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the group. Above you can listen to the record’s title track.

According to the band’s official page on Facebook, "Hoffnung" was recorded together with an orchester of 60 musicians. Now, the album is available for purchase via label Hall of Sermon.

Deluxe edition of "Hoffnung" with DVD includes a concert film "Live in Mexico City", a preview of which you can see below.


  1. Mondfeuer
  2. Kaleidoskop
  3. Unterwelt
  4. Die unbekannte Farbe
  5. Der Kelch der Hoffnung
  6. Thunder and Lightning
  7. Tränen der Liebe
  8. Der freie Fall — Apeiron, Part 1
  9. Keine Schatten mehr
  10. Apeiron — Der freie Fall, Part 2

Deluxe Edition with CD:

  1. Keine Schatten mehr (Jubiläums-Version)

Deluxe Edition with DVD:

  1. Live in Mexico City – The Movie


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