Bloodbath: a new full-length album "Grand Morbid Funeral"

The Swedish band Bloodbath has released the fourth full-length album "Grand Morbid Funeral". New release is available on digital, CD, vinyl and Deluxe Mediabook.

The album was recorded at Ghost Ward Studios and the City of Glass Studios in Stockholm. Mixed by David Castillo.

"We're proud of all these different styled releases and we loved doing each and every one of them, but the objective was never to settle with a certain style, so the time has come to shift once more. It was already decided right after the last album that the next record would not be a "Fathomless part 2", but it would actually become its antithesis! So prepare yourselves for an ultimate blueprint of low-fi, raw, heavy, organic and sludgy death metal sound! The time has come to stomp those HM-2 pedals once more and close the circle of the death metal archives with our Grand Morbid Funeral," — guitarist Blakkheim

Date: 17 November 2014
Genre: Death metal
Country: Sweden
Label: Peaceville Records

  1. Let The Stillborn Come To Me
  2. Total Death Exhumed
  3. Anne
  4. Church Of Vastitas
  5. Famine Of God's Word
  6. Mental Abortion
  7. Beyond Cremation
  8. His Infernal Necropsy
  9. Unite In Pain
  10. My Torturer
  11. Grand Morbid Funeral