​The Nietzsche starts crowdfunding campaign for new EP recording

The Odesa-based act The Nietzsche, which includes musicians of the bands Septa, Facepalm, Pictures Inside Me, and Cheshires, will release its second live album "Live 201" on April 1. The group will spend a part of the proceeds from the sales of "Live 201" on recording a new EP, the rest money (in case of excess of the required amount) — on charity.

According to the press release, "Live 201" was recorded at the festivals Halloween Horror Night and The Best Ukrainian Metal Act in 2017. Filming and editing was done by the production company kirai gigs, featuring video producer Oleg Ruz (The Dillinger Escape Plan, Enter Shikari, We Butter The Bread With Butter), who has filmed The Nietzsche’s music video "James Franko". Each song presented on the album will be accompanied by a live video.

Also, this live album is the start of a crowdfunding campaign to help the band collect the missing funds for recording the third EP, which is scheduled for release on September 1. According to the musicians, The Nietzsche hope that thanks to their fans and just indifferent people, they will be able to collect as much as $201. All received money exceeding this amount will be spent on charity.

The Nietzsche comment:

"Hey, guys! Your favorite metal band is here!

We'll be releasing our second live album called, wait for it... 'Live 201'! Did you get goosebumps? We sure did! We are known for being the most generous band in the history of bands, and giving all of our stuff mostly for free. But not this time, sorry!

We've decided to turn this album into a crowdfunding campaign for TheNeitzsche which we're recording now, I mean literally right now, as I'm writing this the drums are being recorded. Wow, they sound massive! Okay, back to greediness. We want to raise a colossal amount of money that can be described as $201 *goosebumps intensify* and you may say it's impossible. To what we will answer something like this: "You can't spell 'impossible' without 'possible'" and be completely right.

So far we have zero dollars out of two hundreds and one, so chop-chop go to: thenietzsche.bandcamp.com and pre-order the hell out of it, and buy something else too while you at it! Album will be released on April 1st, more videos to follow. Give us your money — we're worth it!"

The Nietzsche’s latest EP "Welcome to Poetry 201", all songs of which were based on the verses of Ukrainian and foreign poets, was released in 2016 and hit the Top-5 of 2016's Best Ukrainian releases according to Noizr’s editor. In September 2017, the band presented a single "4", based on the poem of the Russian poet Vladimir Mayakovsky.


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