​Nokturnal Mortum unveil "Wolfish Berries" from upcoming album

In anticipation of the seventh album "Verity" release, the Kharkiv-based black metallers Nokturnal Mortum presented the track "Wolfish Berries" taken from the upcoming LP.

Earlier, the band has informed on their Facebook page that "Verity" release is postponed to March "because album design that we want requires much time and efforts". Check out the album’s teaser at the bottom of the page.

Last December, Nokturnal Mortum released a cover of Komu Vnyz’s song "Lіra", which also appears on the new LP.


  1. I’ll Meet You in Ancient Darkness (intro)
  2. Molfa
  3. With Chort in My Bosom
  4. Spruce Elder
  5. Song of the Snowstorm
  6. Wolfish Berries
  7. In the Boat with Fools
  8. Wild Weregild
  9. Lira (Komu Vnyz cover)
  10. Black Honey
  11. Night of the Gods
  12. Where Do the Wreaths Float Down the River? (outro)

"Verity" cover

Nokturnal Mortum Verity

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