News in brief: Bojevilla, Jinjer, The Nietzsche, and Fazzer

The selection of new releases and news from Ukrainian metal bands Bojevilla, Jinjer, The Nietzsche, and Fazzer. Above, you can watch Bojevilla’s video for a new single "Шукай важкі шляхи". Artyom Pronov from Slippy Inc, who had previously shot a live video "Лід" for the band, handled the shooting and color correction of the clip.

The Nietzsche released the video "Emily (Wants The) D", in which they invited viewers to play charades and guess what exactly the band members portray. The song "Emily (Wants The) D" is based on a poem by American poetess Emily Dickinson "I taste a liquor never brewed".

Fazzer unveiled a new video "Shot in my head", directed by Alexey Pesotsky and the band's leader vocalist Ilya Pesotsky.

Jinjer presented a new lyric video for the song "Dreadful Moments". The song will be included in the band’s upcoming EP "Micro" along with the previously released single "Ape".


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