Music of metal project Nonsun used in new movie "Alive"

The excerpts of some tracks from the latest album "Black Snow Desert" by the Lviv-based drone-doom metal project Nonsun were used in the Ukrainian film "Alive". It was reported by Nonsun’s band members.

"Alive" is a movie directed by Taras Khymych. Based on real events, it reveals the untold life story of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army communication agent Anna Popovich.

The director, producer and cameraman Taras Khymych comments: "The story of Anna Popovich became the basis of this film. Having supernatural powers, she has changed not only her fate, but the fate of those who were close to her. Anna Popovich gave us her permission to work, but noted that the movie should not be a documentary, but a spectacular fictional film, she said, "Make something interesting based on my life, not just a simple story. There must be love, drama, everything".

The premiere is to take place on 24 November. On the same day, the movie is to be released in the cinemas of Ukraine.

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