​March 8 release: All-female trio Death Pill presents EP "Miss Revolt"

The Kyiv-based hardcore punk band Death Pill, which includes three female musicians, presented the debut EP "Miss Revolt". The release took place on March 8 on Bandcamp.

Death Pill was formed in May 2017. The band’s leader Maryanna Navrotskaya comments [translated from Russian by Noizr]:

"I've been keeping the idea of forming such a band for 6 years, but finally decided to look for girls in November 2016. It was not easy, much more difficult than I thought because girls who play musical instruments are a deficit in our time. So our line-up has changed during 1.5 years. Now we have Natasha (H.Soror) on bass, Nafanya (Crackpot, Thaino!) on drums, and me, Maryanna (Exult), on guitars/vocals." [Maryanna means the Kyiv’s punk rock act Exult, do not be confused with the prog metal band Exult — Noizr]

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