Khors: live video "My Cossack Way"

The Ukrainian black metallers Khors presented live-video "My Cossack Way", recorded during the band's performance at Kyiv Black Mass Festival on April 26, 2015.

The song "My Cossack Way" appeared on the sixth full-length album "Night Falls Onto the Fronts of Ours", which was released on April 20 via Candlelight Records.

The album was recorded in the studios Phantom Records, Jurgis Home Studio, Nightmarestudio and Iron Still Records from January to June 2014. Mixed by Shaddar at Blacklight Recording Studio.


  1. No Oaths, No Tears, No Knees!
  2. Dead Birds Valley
  3. Following the Ways of Blood
  4. Night Falls Onto the Fronts of Ours (instr.)
  5. 1664
  6. For the Last Time
  7. Slight Web Solitude
  8. My Cossack Way

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