Drudkh's album "A Furrow Cut Short" is available for free listening

The Ukrainian black metallers Drudkh's new full-length album "A Furrow Cut Short" is posted on YouTube. It came out on April 20 in Europe and is scheduled for release on May 19 in North America.

According to the label Season of Mist, the band's frontman Roman Sayenko is heavily drawing inspiration from 20th century Ukrainian poetry once more.

"A Furrow Cut Short" is available in several formats:

  • CD Digipak;
  • double vinyl;
  • cassette.


  1. Прокляті сини I (Cursed Sons I)
  2. Прокляті сини II (Cursed Sons II)
  3. Епосі нескорених поетів (To the Epoch of Unbowed Poets)
  4. Тліючий попіл (Embers)
  5. Безчестя I (Dishonour I)
  6. Безчестя II (Dishonour II)
  7. Поки не засиплють чужою землею очі (Till Foreign Ground Shall Cover Eyes)

Drudkh's "A Furrow Cut Short" cover art

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