​Darkher "Realms": Jayn Wissenberg’s tiny dark world

Talking about Darkher’s debut album, perhaps, we can really call it one of the most anticipated records. But at the same time, there is no point to exaggerate, arguing that the 43-minute LP will give the listener something absolutely unique and previously unheard. However, "Realms" is one of those examples when the project’s author reveals his inner world so everyone is able to penetrate its most hidden corners. When he shares the most lurking feelings and experiences, when the music is built on overt emotions like fear, feebleness, love and indecision.

Jayn Wissenberg half-opened this private door in 2014 with her debut EP "The Kingdom Field". The above-ground record impressed the listeners so much that the expectation of "Realms", as its direct continuation, turned into a real buzz, albeit in a small fan community for today.

It’s worth saying that Jayn Wissenberg’s works will not fit your shelf with the other releases. "Realms", like its predecessor, is not the everyday album, and that is how it should be treated. First of all, the reason for that is the lack of a definite genre. Nine diverse musical tracks, which differ from each other in perfect calm acoustic guitars and occasional flashes of aggressive chords can’t be described with the common definition. The CD includes curtain elements of dark folk, post rock features. Sometimes, its motives can be characterized as doom or gothic. Along with this, the author focuses on the lyrics, emotions, establishing most tracks on melody of just one guitar or just a few instruments. Wissenberg avoids unnecessary arrangements and sound effects, introducing the listener the most simple and impressively tangible form of her ideas.

At the same time, despite the timing is mostly occupied with really simple acoustic parts and soft vocals, the album has such an incredible atmosphere. Its dynamic, sometimes even dramatic compositions seem to be soundtracks for some horror, stories of the dark, tiny world of Jayn Wissenberg. With the constant teetering on the brink of softness and brutality, some songs just can’t be predictable.

Today, discussing "Realms", Jayn Wissenberg’s works are often compared with the records of the American singer Chelsea Wolfe. Sure, it depends on your own opinion, however, they have not so much in common. Chelsea Wolfe’s music is inspired by some dark motives, kinda their expression in her personal gloomy electronic or ambient manner. As for Darkher, Wissenberg is the creator of those dark motives itself. Perhaps, the fans notice some similarities like those gray and black colors, multifaceted meaning of their lyrics and images. But still Darkher reminds the solo project Black Mare of the American singer Sera Timms, and with its sensuality — the penetrating execution manner by Myrkur’s Amalie Bruun or the Norwegian project Sylvaine.

If you had a chance to get known with the EP "The Kingdom Field" you will find in the tracklist of the full-length album one already known composition "Foregone". The other eight will give you some new experience, new images and a new judgment on Jayn Wissenberg’s works. "Realms" fully justified all the hopes raised by the author before. The album came out on August 19 via Prophecy Productions. Today, the most loyal fans can get the limited 2CD hardcover book edition, as well as black, clear and marble vinyls.

By Yuri Somov

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