Brief review for Baptism’s "V: The Devil's Fire" with full album stream

Known to many black metal fans, the project Baptism headed by undisputed leader Ossi Mäkinen, aka Lord Sargofagian, recorded a new, fifth in a row full-length release "V: The Devil's Fire", after listening to which I had mixed feelings.

Clean vocal parts (yes, they present here in full), keyboards, heartrending guitar solos under the balcony of your beloved, controversial design of the disc... "It is Baptism?", "Yes, it's", I said to myself and replay the stream. Despite all abovementioned, I want to listen to the album again and again.

This fairly melodic work with classical Finnish black metal guitar riffs and nice beat is worth attention, definitely. How good it is, and whether it was necessary to expect it for 4 years — it's up to you, a full stream of the album is available above.

"V: The Devil's Fire" official release took place on July 22, so the lovers of physical media can already buy vinyls and CDs directly from the label.

A true admirers of Baptism will be able to hear this material live, as the Lord Sargofagian presented the full project’s line-up (which included members os the Finnish bands Horna, Demilich and True Black Dawn), whose first show is already scheduled at the Barther Metal Open Air in Germany.

By Yehor Beze


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