Sectorial’s live video "Young Shoots" from Noizr Fest

We're glad to present the live video with the Ukrainian band Sectorial performing "Young Shoots". It was shot during the group’s show on October 17 at the Noizr Fest, where the presentation of the band’s new album "We Are The Titan's Rising Ashes" took place.

In the band’s nearest plans is a performance at The Best Ukrainian Metal Act 2015 on December 12, where Sectorial is going to compete for victory in three nominations: "Best metal band", "Best metal album" for the release "We Are The Titan's Rising Ashes" and "Best Metal Video" for "Tree Eater".

Earlier, there were posted two live videos from Noizr Fest: with the Ukrainian atmospheric black metal band Raventale, performing the track "I Am The Black Tara" and the video "Fall Into Singularity" with black metal band Kaosophia.


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