Live video: Sectorial performing new song "Зхід Зими"

The live videos from the set of the Ukrainian blackened death metallers Sectorial, which took place at the Oskorei festival on December 2, 2017 in Kyiv, Ukraine, appeared online.

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In addition to the tracks from 2015’s album "We Are the Titan's Rising Ashes", the band has also played two new songs "Зхід Зими" and "Коли Впаде Остання Башта" during the set. Two videos titled "3" and "4" with the performance of "Зхід Зими" can be watched above and below.

Sectorial's setlist at Oskorei:

  1. ...Will Be There…
  2. Young Shoots
  3. Tree Eater
  4. Enough Skills?
  5. Зхід Зими
  6. Abysmal
  7. With Own Tacit Agreement
  8. Summer Night: Breath of the Boundless Steppes
  9. Autumn Silence Is Covered With Ice
  10. Outro


  1. Коли Впаде Остання Башта

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