Interview with Psychonaut 4​: Graf von Baphomet and S.D. Ramirez

We are glad to present our new video interview with the Georgian DSBM act Psychonaut 4. Due to the announcement of the band’s upcoming fourth album, we talked with its vocalist and lyricist Graf von Baphomet and guitarist S.D. Ramirez, asking the musicians about the future release, the prospects of DSBM, and much more. The conversation took place in October 2018 on the eve of Psychonaut 4’s gig in Kyiv.

ATTENTION: The video has English subtitles!

Topics raised during the interview:

– Any updates on Psychonaut 4’s new album?
– Psychonaut 4 went to play a show in Ukraine despite the personal tragedy of its vocalist
– "I want our music to be a panacea, a therapy". What feedback do musicians get from their listeners?
– How Graf is set himself up for a self-talk before writing lyrics
– Collaboration with French artist Maxime Taccardi
– What poet would play in Psychonaut 4 if he lived in our time?
– Why Russian-language lyrics "will be reduced to a minimum" on the band’s new album
– How Graf is usually working on his guest vocal parts for other bands
– Favorite French and Ukrainian black metal bands of Psychonaut 4
– Song of Psychonaut 4, dedicated to Ukrainian fans
– Psychonaut 4 fight in Wroclaw, Poland
– "If someone listens to DSBM – he feels f**king shitty". Psychonaut 4 on the prospects of the genre

Interviewed and edited by Anastezia G. Filmed and edited by Dmythro.

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